We Cook-Up Homemade WordPress Sites

It was just a few short years ago that Web designers were hand-coding static Web pages and publishing with FTP clients. WordPress (25 million), Joomla! (14 million) and other open source Content Management Systems (CMS) are quickly becoming the engines that power many personal, small and medium business sites, including powerful plugins and extensions that extend functionality for e-commerce, reservation systems, e-magazines, social-networking, goverment applications, non-profits, and more.

At IntelliMart we specialize in designing Web sites that harness the power of WordPress, whether you need a publication, social-media or e-commerce engine to run your site.

We also live and breath a Test-Measure-Learn approach for your e-Marketing needs, so your organization will maximize ROI, Usability, Customer Retention and Conversion. Let us help move you past potential to proven results.

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